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Crypton Emissions: Gas / Smoke Combi  £4,249.00 - From £22.55 per week
Crypton MOT Bays / ATL / OPTL: From £11,795.00 / £62.60 per week



Brake Testers
Decelerometers / Digital Tapley Meters

BM Brake Tester (Split  -  2 x  Roller Sets)



MOT Calibration - VOSA / DVSA & UKAS
Service & Repair

Sales & Installation







Crypton Automated Test Lanes
Standard MOT Equipment

Commercial Workshop Equipment

Motorcycle MOT Equipment



Combined Gas & Smoke
Petrol Gas Analysers

Diesel Smoke Meters



Combined Gas & Smoke
Petrol Gas Analysers
Diesel Smoke Meters





ATT - Standard (Not For ATL)
ATT - Split-Bed   Standard (For pits)
Crypton - PC Controlled / ATL Spec
BM - Split-Bed / 2 x  Roller Sets


CLASS 7 (& 5L)

ATT - Standard (Not For ATL)
ATT - Split-Bed Standard (For pits)
Crypton - PC Controlled / ATL Spec



Balco BT5000



Bowmonk Brakecheck / Tapley Meter
Turnkey G-Meter



Combined Class



MOT Lifts
OPTL Lifts / ATL Lifts With Play Detectors
Two Post Lifts

Four Post Lifts

Scissor Lifts

Commercial Vehicle Lifts

Mobile Column Lifts



Jacking Beams - Class 4 & 7
Jacking   Beams   - Commercial

Pit Jacks - Class 4 & 7

Pit Jacks - Commercial

Transmission Jacks






Tyre Changers
Wheel Balancers

Suspension Testers

Shock Absorber Testers

Side Slip Testers



Gas Analysers:

Crypton: CMT 500, CMT 510, CMT 511, CM T600, CMT 1000, CMT 1012, CMT 1112, CMT 2000, CMT 2001, CMT 2011, CMT 2012, CMT 2022, CMT 3000, STP 410, STP 420, STP 600, STP 620, STP 420, CCP 600, CDP 600, CGP 600, DSP 600, 290 HiSpec, 284, 285, 290, 290 EN1, 290 EN2, 290 AU, 290 HiSpec, 295, 295 EN, 295 EN2, 296, 297, 297 EN, 297 EN2, EDP 800, EDP 830

Diesel Smoke Meters:

Dieseltune: DX 210, DX 211, DX 211-BT, DX 230, DX 250, DX 260, DX 260-1, DX 260-2, DX 260-1BT, PSA 200, PSA 300

Roller Brake Testers:

Crypton: EJ19, EJ29, 660, 660AP, 660AW, 660D, 660DW, 660W, 680, 685, 690, CBT 6000, CBT 7000, CBT 6500, CBT 7500

Tecalemit: DE 7184, DE7185, DE 7200, DE 8232, DE 7194, DE 7195

Kismet KBT: 1099, 1099/1, 1100, 1250, 1250/1, 1250/2, 1300, 1300/3, 1300/7, 1300/8, 1300/13, 1300/18, 1305, 1305/1, 1600, 1600/1 1600/2

HPA HP Anderson: 2302 MK, 2302 MK SE, 2307 M, 2303 MK, 2303 MK/R

Laycock: SPD101

Hans Hougaard: H& H 500 AES, H H 500AES, HH 500A/1, HH 500A/2, HH 500A/3, HH 500A/4

Ravaglioli: RT009, RT011

Headlight Testers:

All makes & models including:

Actia Muller, Analize (UK), ATT, Auto Garage, Auto Parts, Auto System, Balco, Beissbarth, BM, Bosch, Boston, Bowmonk, Bradbury, Bullworthy, Crypton UK, Dunlop, Dynaflex, Euro Car Parts, Everquip, EWJ, Garage Equipment Group, GEG, Gemco, Gott, HH Garage Equipment, HH Lions, Hofmann, HPA, John Bean, Kendon, Kismet, Kismet Dynaflex, Launch, Laybury, Laycock, LET, Liftmaster, Lions, Lucas, Lucas Hartridge, Maha, Maywood, MSI, Nussbaum, Oakmain, Oma, Parbex, Premier Diagnostics, Prosol, Ranger, Rotary, Sealey, Sirio, Snap-On, Souriau, SPX, Stenhoj, Straightset, Sun, Sykes Pickavant, Tecalemit, Tecnotest, Ten, Texa, The Trade Group, Trade, Trademaster, Transtec, TR, Tyre Bay Direct, Bullworthy, Tyre Bay Direct, VLT, Werther, Wurth, Unipart

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Garage Equipment

MOT Equipment

Garage Equipment

MOT Equipment

Service, Sales & Calibration

Future Garage Equipment Services is a long established garage equipment supplier, MOT equipment supplier and service agent.

Founded by John Torr as Future Garage Services in 1986, FGES remains family owned together with Co-Director Matthew Torr and offers garage equipment supply, installation, maintenance and calibration services for many types and makes of MOT equipment and garage equipment both old and new.

FGES has continued to build on motor trade experience that can be traced from the 1960s to the present day to become an alliance of dedicated professionals.

Amongst other achievements, in 2005, FGES became pioneers of the Automated Test Lane as one of the UK's very first suppliers

FGES are national suppliers of Crypton equipment and the approved independent Crypton service agent for East Anglia.

FGES supply and install:

Crypton - Dieseltune - BMMajorlift

Competitive finance and lease purchase options available.

Manufacturers covered for calibration and maintenance include:

Crypton - Dieseltune - RavaglioliTecalemit - Kismet - Nussbaum

> > Our used garage equipment range is centred on well maintained used emissions analysers.

> >
Service coverage and equipment covered.

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Crypton CCP800 Series MOT Emissions Analysers



Crypton CCP800 MOT Emissions Analyser

Crypton CCP800 Combined MOT Emissions Analyser

£4,249.00 with finance from just £22.82 per week***

Also available with 5 year warranty, 5 years of calibration and 5 years of annual updates** from just £34.90 per week***

More info > >



Omitec MOT Emissions Analysers



Omitec OM2600/COM MOT Emissions Analyser

Omitec OM2600 COM OmiEmissioncenter

Combined Gas & Smoke now available with finance from just £26.28 per week*

Diesel only units from £13.93 p/w* and Petrol only units from £19.30 p/w*

More info > >



Brake Testers | Brake Rollers | Roller Brake Testers



Brake Testers

Class 4 & Class 7 RBTs

Brake testers for installation in both new and existing standard MOT bays. Designed and manufactured in Europe.

Delivered & installed from just £6,995.00 with finance from £37.56 per week*

More info > >


Motorcycle MOT Bay | Class 1 & 2 MOT Testing



Motorcycle MOT Test Bays

Expand your MOT portfolio with a complete Motorcycle MOT Bay package.

Finance from just £36.00+VAT per week!*

Little more than the cost of just 1 motorcycle MOT.

More info > >

* Subject to acceptance, terms and conditions.





Crypton MOT Equipment

Crypton Automated Test Lane

Automated Test Lanes

Brake Testers

Roller Brake Testers

Crypton CCP700 Combined Emissions Analyser

CCP700 Series


Crypton - Appointed Regional & National Distributor

Crypton Cypher
- The very latest advanced PC based diagnostic platform.

Crypton CCP700
- Combined gas and smoke MOT emissions analyser.

Crypton CGP700
- High quality, UK designed and built, VOSA / DVSA approved 4 gas analyser.

Dieseltune DSP700 Series
- Be ready for 2009 with the latest Dieseltune diesel smoke meters.

Crypton Automated Test Lanes
- Class 4 and 7 packages with four post and scissor lift options.

Brake Testers
- Standard and ATL specification for class 4 or class 7.

Headlamp Aim Testers
- Latest VOSA / DVSA spec suitable for gas-discharge / xenon headlamps & ATL.

Crypton Service & Calibration:

FGES provide in-house aftersales service and calibration within our service coverage area. National coverage is provided by Crypton and an extensive network of approved independent service agents. Together, we provide exceptional and complete national service coverage.

Buy Crypton Consumables from the FGES online shop:

Crypton Oxygen Sensors / Oxygen Cells

Crypton / Dieseltune DX260 Battery Packs - For wireless bluetooth smoke meters.

FGES cover all ages of Crypton equipment for calibration, repair & maintenance including:

Petrol Gas Analysers

Diesel Smoke Meters

Roller Brake Testers

Automated Test Lanes

Headlamp Aim Testers






Diesel Smoke Meters

Diesel Smoke Meters

Commercial Vehicle Diesel Smoke Meters

Cars, Vans & Commercials


Dieseltune - Appointed Regional & National Distributor


Dieseltune DSP700

The very latest stand alone diesel smoke meter from Crypton.

Dieseltune DSP700 Bluetooth

As above but with the added advantage of:
Bluetooth® wireless smoke head for remote open-air smoke testing.

A host of Bluetooth® accessories including:
Oil temperature, RPM measurement, remote control & remote prompting.

Dieseltune / Crypton HGV
Headlamp Aim Tester

5 Gas Diesel Emissions Analysers - News on the latest development in diesel engine diagnostics.



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Emissions Analysers | Roller Brake Testers | MOT Bays | ATL

Crypton Garage Equipment & MOT Equipment Services

Sales & Installation - All Crypton Products

Automated Test Lanes (ATL)
Gas Analyser Sales & Installation
Gas Analyser Calibration
Gas Analyser Repair & Maintenance
Brake Tester Sales & Installation - Class 4 - Class 7
Brake Tester Calibration
Brake Tester Repair & Maintenance




Diesel Smoke Meters | Diesel Emissions Analysers

Dieseltune Garage Equipment & MOT Equipment Services

Sales & Installation - All Dieseltune Products

Smoke Meter Sales & Installation
Smoke Meter Calibration
Smoke Meter Repair & Maintenance


Ravaglioli (RAV)

Roller Brake Testers | MOT Bays | ATL

Ravaglioli MOT Equipment

Calibration, Repair & Maintenance



Roller Brake Testers | Headlight Testers

Tecalemit Roller Brake Tester Calibration - Tecalemit Repair - Tecalemit Service - Tecalemit Maintenance


Repair & Maintenance
Headlight Tester Sales & Installation



Kismet / Laycock

Roller Brake Testers

Kismet Roller Brake Tester Calibration - Kismet Repair - Kismet Service - Kismet Maintenance

Kismet Calibration

Kismet Repair & Maintenance




Gas Analysers & Diesel Smoke Meters

Nussbaum Garage Equipment Service & Calibration

Nussbaum Calibration
Nussbaum Repair & Maintenance




Future Garage Equipment Services - Debit and Credit Cards





* Subject to acceptance, terms and conditions. ** Includes annual updates as / if required.
*** Price includes manufacturers £2000 off list price scrappage / part exchange allowance when you trade-in your old emissions analyser. Offer may be withdrawn without notice.